About us

Mahajan Group of Industries offers an extensive range of Food Products, from high value quality packaged products under the ‘Pan’ brand to private label as well as products for use as ingredients in food manufacture.

AboutAs manufacturers of Cereal Based Ingredients and Dehydrated Vegetables, we offer solutions for sensorial (texture, taste, colour and visual impact) and nutritional benefits

The group’s expertise also ranges to innovative ready-to-eat Breakfast Cereals (extruded, traditional and co-extruded) and Healthy Snacking alternatives (cereal bars and cereal based extruded snacks) available in the market.

We also offer a selection of Vegetable Purees, Jams, Ketchups, Mayonnaise, Spreads, Condiment Sauces, Culinary Sauces and Premixes for savoury and sweet application.

The group structure enables us to share expertise and specialist technologies ensuring quality, and customer satisfaction that remains primary with over 150 global clients.


Main Activities

  • Pan Foods, India

    Specialist in the manufacture of Dehydrated Vegetable and Fruit Ingredients. Dedicated second facility for the manufacture of Ketchups, Jams, Sauces, Premixes and Culinary Sauces.

  • Kayem Foods, India

    Manufacturer of Pharma Grade Cereal Inclusions. Facility dedicated to the safe manufacturing of infant food inclusions with microbiological release criteria as Enterobacteriacea negative.