Premix and Ingredients for Food Manufacturing

    Our dehydrated vegetables are an easy solution for food manufacturers looking for texture, flavour, colour and inclusion requirements in the food manufacturing process.

    The range of vegetable purees is ideal for use by manufacturers of ready–to–eat food as well as for use in culinary applications.

  • Culinary & Food Service

    Specially crafted recipes with a variety of taste profiles are created at our in-house kitchens, to suit various cuisine’s savory and sweet recipe needs.


    From sandwiches to pasta, to desert toppings and more, we have sauces and spreads to help you create perfect meals each time, making food preparation easier while retaining authenticity in taste.


  • Baby Foods

    Through expertise and skilled professionals, the group offers baby safe food ingredients for various applications.

    With a variation in particle size and base ingredients, the group provides solutions for various colour, taste and texture needs in infant food.

  • Healthy Lifestyle & Snacking

    As manufacturers of an extensive range of cereal based extruded and traditional cereal products, the group focuses on healthy breakfast options. Extruded snacks and cereal bars provide an easy, low calorie alternate to regular snacking options available in the market.